2009 – Welcome!


Hello all! I’ve finally decided to go ahead and update my website to a new format. The change came about for a number of reasons:

1) I wanted the ability to post blog style entries on the front page, to give visitors easier access to site changes and new information.

2) The old site was very difficult to maintain and meant lots of new graphics and code for something as simple as a new image. I needed a format that allowed for easier updating of new and old content.

3) I don’t really like Quicktime video and was desperate to make the transition to high resolution flash content.

4) The old site really was looking very static and outdated!

All these changes are really down to wordpress. I’m hoping to be able to add new content quite easily, as it arrives. I’m also hoping for more user integration with the comments system and by tapping into facebook etc. Currently the actual content is similar to the old site, with a few new additions so far. In the near future I am hoping to add new material and also work on some visual tweaks to the site.

I hope you enjoy the new site. Any comments, suggestions and criticism are very welcome.

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