Mudbox Fun

I decided to do a little Mudbox sculpting over the weekend. Here’s a WIP of a mushroom I’m working on.


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Visual Effects Walk-through

Middle School Walkthrough Nov 2011
I was recently asked to produce a walk-through video for a Fargo-based middle school, discussing the steps involved in creating a visual effects shot.

The video breaks down a simple 3D shot and gives an overview of the entire process – Concept design, modeling, texturing, motion capture/animation, tracking, cloth/particle simulation, lighting, rendering and compositing.

I hope you enjoy the video, please feel free to leave a comment.

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Old Man WIP

Old Man Still post

I felt it was time to add some new content. This is a work in progress image of an old man I’m currently modeling/ rendering.

Turntables and render pass breakdowns to follow.

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